Games to Play After Dark is now on bookshelves! Published by Vintage.

“Brilliantly structured and impossible to put down, Games to Play After Dark is the story of a young wife and mother who struggles earnestly, messily, even violently, to understand her own discontent with a seemingly ideal existence…. Powerful, hopeful, unforgettable.” (Robin Black, author of If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This)

When Kate meets Colin at a terrible party in Manhattan’s West Village she is young and fearless, wearing a pink velvet mini-dress and boots. Amid the chaos, as strangers make drinks and the sink threatens to overflow, Kate sees that Colin will fall in love with her if she lets him.

Their connection is electric and they marry quickly, moving to a house in the suburbs. They go to movies and learn to cook, and even though they fight and smash things, they make up with equal abandon. But through childbirth and motherhood, family dinners and bedtimes stories, Kate finds herself tumbling toward the dark edges of domesticity. Deep inside, she hums with the secret knowledge that she will ruin everything. A gorgeous, tender, disquieting look at a marriage, Sarah Gardner Borden’s first novel introduces a brave new voice, crackling with raw emotion and intelligence.

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